I VOTE MY CONSCIENCE: Debates, Speeches, and Writings of Vito Marcantonio

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Acknowledgements & New Introduction to I Vote My Conscience

1: Vito Marcantonio - Congressman (English)

1: Vito Marcantonio, Congresista (Español)

2: The Seventy-fourth Congress 1935-1936

3: The Seventy-sixth Congress 1939-1940

4: The Seventy-seventh Congress 1941-1942


5: The Seventy-eighth Congress 1943-1944

6: The Seventy-ninth Congress 1945-1946

7: The Eightieth Congress 1947-1948

8: The Eighty-first Congress 1949-1950

9: Puerto Rico y los puertorriqueños 1935-1950 (Español)

9: Puerto Rico and Its People 1935-1950 (English)

10: Lawyer for Civil Liberties

Vito Marcantonio: Bibliography

Annette T. Rubinstein: Author, Educator, Activist

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Vito Marcantonio, I Vote My Conscience book cover

Book Cover

Marcantonio: his life in pictures

A freshman Congressman


Re-elected by his neighbors

12,000 unemployed demonstrate

Police arrest leaders

The Congressman refuses special consideration: all are finally released

Her 3 sons killed by silicosis: a congressional investigation

La Guardia to Marcantonio: --"Free Tom Mooney!"

Tom Mooney is freed

Marcantonio arrives in Puerto Rico to defend Pedro Albizo Campos

Sand lot baseball in Central Park

Grandmother, mother and son at the polls

Two rare vacations

Paul Robeson joins Marc at Lucky Corner Rally

Strike headquarters on the waterfront

Full rights for the Negro people and the foreign born

Beginnings - a civil liberties case with Darrow and Hays

A third-party conference with Farmer-Labor leaders

Community work at Haarlem House with Cotillo, Pope, and Corsi

Lucky Corner

Marcantonio meets the press

Few who heard him speak will ever forget it

At Yankee Stadium

In the Garment Center

No aid to Franco

Thumbs down to Chiang Kai-Shek

10,000 letters a year on his neighbors' problems

In the 18th C.D.

The Pink Elephant

"Lower Subway Fares! Improve Schools! Build Hospitals!

Get money for the city by honest assessment of big commercial real estate!"

Young constituents visit a congressional office on wheels

Winner in all three party primaries

Families of 106th Street Servicemen gather for a flag raising.

Sons of Puerto Rican, Italian, Negro, Czech, Irish, Jewish,
and many other Americans Appear on the honor roll above.

Congressional Delegation on Palestine

With Curran, La Guardia and Heywood at a C.I.O. Rally

Marcantonio denounces the Dies Committee

Marc, I.L.D. president, takes congressional friends to anti-Hauge meeting

Marc, A.L.P. Chairman, leads rent control delegation in Albany

A birthday party for the National Guardian

On the picket line: Western Union strike

Striking at the roots of discrimination

With Dr. Francis Townsend

With Senator James Mead

With Assemblyman Hulan Jack

With Representatives Powell and Roosevelt

With Senator Glenn Taylor

With former Vice-President Henry Wallace

With Speaker Martin and Rep. Isacson

With Dashiell Hammett and Dorothy Parker

Dedicating Benjamin Franklin High School

Civil liberties lawyer for --

Ben Gold

Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois

William Patterson

the Communist Party, associate counsel Joseph Forer and John Abt

These were his people

Mourners line the streets and crowd fire escapes as marc passes through East Harlem one last time.

August 12, 1954